Hi! I'm Neon, I am a blacklight loving chaos artist & live streamer that makes physical & digital works, some of which you can buy for sale on this site! I have picked up many creative outlets over the years, so you really never know which direction I'm going to go in next. Stick around! I can guarantee it'll be colorful & wiggly. :) (( Currently on stream break but follow me on Twitch! I'll be back mid/late 2024! )) 

DJ Mixes / YouTube / Facebook / Twitch (Live Streaming) / TikTok / All Links

Jobs that I do to produce all of these things for sale on this site: Web design, IT person, graphic design, social media manager, videographer, editor, photographer, stylist, makeup artist, hair cut & color, studio owner / stylist / rental, material sourcing, seamstress, jewelry & headdress designer & maker, choreographer, dancer, & creative channel.

While some people have a team, I AM the team - So pls take that into consideration while checking out my wares. I try to price fairly with market values and other considerations in mind, while also being respectful to the time and effort I put into each item. I hope you enjoy! :)